What is OSITO?

We are the voice of a new generation with a different way of seeing the world. We are passionate about discovering the new way of having fun.

We love to make friends, share stories, embrace diversity, and go party.

Sometimes we even go viral. Don’t try to understand us. We are liquor gummy bears. 🐻

The origin of the gummy bears with alcohol

A group of university students thought that it’d be cool to mix our childhood’s gummies with the alcohol we drink at parties. That’s how we turned the good vibes of a great party into the shape of a gummy bear. What started out as a joke has gone really far.

What we didn’t know is that all this would become a new way of looking at the world. Some haters (ahem, boomers) have tried to stop this but they have failed. We are here to make you understand that the world belongs to the new generations. 🌍🌈✨

What do the gummy bears taste like?

You have five flavors to choose from.

Each gummy bear with alcohol has a special flavor. We know that it’s really hard to decide. We like them all, but if you want to make up your own mind, keep reading!

🍓 + Gin: Rose

The most refined of them is Rose; she enjoys gin with strawberry. Enjoy a pink shot, either with friends in the club or at home. Soft and delicate but very sassy, she dares to be the soul of any party.

🍊 + Vodka: Boris

Simple but strong, Boris is the most savage and funny gummy bear, with a flavour of vodka with orange. If you’re the type to stay awake the whole night and nothing stops you and your love to keep going till the sunrise, this is your gummy bear.

🍋 + Tequila: Pinche

They are Latino and queer. You’ll love Pinche and their dry and acid flavor of tequila and lemon. You like doing make-up, doing drag, you love yellow (well, really, all colours), and dressing in different ways depending on the type of party. In short, you think that taste lies in variety. For you, it’s all or nothing.

🍍 + Ron: Lilo

Aloha! With a tropical rhythm we have Lilo, the sweetest blue gummy bear. She’s summer’s flavour, a mix between the Caribbean rum and the pineapple that we see at the best festivals. Lilo is ohana, which means family in Hawaiian. It doesn’t matter which festival you go to — Lilo is your best friend and will go with you. 

🥤 + Whiskey: Jack

Pure and classic, Jack is usually the favourite of DJs, easy and fast, with flavour of whiskey and coke. Not only that, but he embodies an old-fashioned style. Although he might seem cold and egocentric he’ll join you loyally whether you are in trouble or living your best moment.

How do you eat them?

They say that having one gummy bear is like taking a shot. If you have a good stamina, you can also try eating five at once… okay, we won’t joke around like that. However, there are people that even take 150 at once. But you can do what you want; you can take them one by one or pair them with your favourite drinks or sodas. 🍹🍸🔞 They are also much more enjoyable cold, or you can even freeze them and use them as ice to taste them little by little!

The most convenient perk of our alcoholic gummy bears is that they are solid, and, as a result, you can bring them anywhere and everywhere. Where? When? How? That’s up to you! Parties, special moments, birthdays, at home, with friends, as a snack, as dessert, in discos, pubs, music festivals. Really, in just about any occasion, even during flights, train rides, car rides, bus rides, or other kinds of trips 🏝 ✈️ 🏕 (just don’t drive afterwards). Surprise your family and friends in your next event and turn your gummy bears into an essential item! 🎉 🎉

Produced by master confectioners with generations of artisanal tradition, we use our systems of quality control in our installations, machinery, and ingredients. They are mainly sugar, gelatin, natural flavouring, and, of course, alcohol. The gummy bears are always produced under the certificate IFS for food products.

Eat responsibly

The gummy bears contain a 15% of alcohol volume. Despite their iconic shape, they are exclusively for adults. We recommend keeping them out of the reach of minors.

The gummy bears with alcohol and the controversy

When eating gummy bears with alcohol, you’re pissing off the giant Haribo. The German company demanded that we cease selling our alcoholic gummy bears and that we give them the “ownership” of this Internet domain (wot?). As you can see, we didn’t comply.

Note that it’s not a joke, we appeared on The Guardian and El País: “The Basque “drunk” gummy bears against the German giant”. You can also read our latest press release.